WIN KAI ... the brother and sister team behind WIN KAI Self-Defense.

Katheryn Winnick and Adam Winnick developed WIN KAI out of the desire to empower women against the threat of harassment in a tactical, easy-to-learn and fun way.

Both Katheryn and Adam have had a passion for Martial Arts and teaching from a young age.  Katheryn, at the age of 16, established several WIN KAI training schools in Toronto, teaching Taekwondo to children and adults, which later branched to New York and Los Angeles.  She taught actors Taekwondo and self-defense while completing her university education, with a Degree in Kinesiology from York University in Toronto. Since then, Katheryn went on to successfully pursue an acting career in New York and subsequently in Los Angeles.  

Adam continued running WIN KAI in Toronto for several years before volunteering for a deployment to Afghanistan in 2008 with the Canadian Armed Forces.  After returning from his tour of duty, he focused on obtaining further training and qualifications with the Army.  He completed and taught multiple Army courses, particularly Hand-to-Hand Combat.  Since then Adam achieved the rank of Sergeant with the oldest infantry regiment in Canada (The Queen's Own Rifles). He is a skilled soldier, combat instructor, paratrooper, and was also a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Demo Team (The SkyHawks).

Both Katheryn and Adam Winnick desire to help and empower women. Together, they have developed an excellent, women’s self-defense program which is applicable to all ages.  WIN KAI will provide you with the right mindset to survive an attack and inform you with both a plan and the necessary tools for a safe escape.



The Winnick Team strongly believes that, once you have the right mindset and skills – you are ready to Defend and Act!


Known as Lagertha from the hit TV show VIKINGS. Katheryn at the age of 16 established WIN KAI.  She holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and 3rd Dan Black belts in both Karate and Taekwondo.


Serving in the Canadian Armed Forces for over 13 years, Adam is currently a Sergeant in the Airborne Infantry with both Military and Civilian Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor credentials.